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Hello Spring Healthy Living

Spring into action!

Sometimes we need a little motivation to focus on our health, and you’ll discover plenty at Settlement City! The new season is always a good catalyst to recalibrate our routines and refocus on our wellbeing – and Spring is the perfect opportunity to discover new ways of getting our minds and bodies fitter, healthier and stronger. From the latest tech to on-trend activewear, exercise aids, and healthy treats, there’s no excuse not to make this Spring the start of a better you.


1. Wake Up Early & get moving -  If you're on the fence about starting a morning workout routine, consider the following benefits.

  • More overall energy. 
  • Healthier food choices. 
  • Increased alertness. 
  • Endorphins for positivity
  • Better focus. 
  • Better mood.
  • Support weight loss


2. Find your motivation - You know exercise is good for you. Doing it, though, is another thing. To stick with a routine, you need to get out there when that little voice inside you says, "I'll do that tomorrow. Or the day after...maybe." If you're struggling to find your mojo see our top tips below and get inspired:

  • Create healthy and achievable goals that you'll have fun working towards.
  • Re-vamp your Active wardrobe. There is nothing more motivating than tying up the laces on a fresh pair of sneakers or popping on a trendy set that will make you want to sweat! 
  • Find a workout buddy and keep each other accountable.
  • Reward yourself with a Health treat. Think a fresh juice or smoothie from Boost Juice or Governor's Café.
  • Re-fuel with fresh produce and quality food that will make your insides sing.
  • Start a list and tick off the achievements as you go.


3. Find the Fun in it - If you can't get motivated, maybe you're doing the wrong activity. Or you used to like it, and now it's gotten stale. Pick activities you like the most, and they become something to look forward to. 

  • Exercise in the great outdoors, enjoy the warmer weather, and get your daily dose of vitamin D.
  • Purchase some new equipment to shake things up. Try Big W for great Active equipment at affordable prices..


4. Reward yourself - Nothing will keep you motivated more than celebrating the milestones. Go easy on yourself, be your own biggest motivator, and celebrate every little win along the way. Here are our favourite tips for giving yourself a pat on the back.


  • Treat yourself to some on-trend Activewear from Cotton On.
  • Go all out and purchase a new fitness device. Think a Fit-Bit from Big W or wireless headphones to keep you running for longer.
  • Stock up on healthy treats from Go-Vita
  • Enjoy a post-Work-out reward. Think a fresh juice or smoothie from Boost Juice or Governor's Café.
  • Re-fuel with fresh produce and quality food that will make your insides sing.


With the start of a new season, there has never been a better time to hit refresh on your health & wellness regime. Fire up the motivation, grab everything you need in centre at Settlement City, and don't forget to reward yourself along the way.




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