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Events Help our farmers in drought

9:00am - 5:00pm

Donate to Buy a Bale today

'I'd like to do something for the drought effected areas, but I'm not sure how and I'm only one person'.

These were words from our wonderful Alyce Bennett from Settlement City Donut King. She walked into our office and asked if we'd be interested in donating with her.

We didn't hesitate before saying "YES', and then we thought we'd do one better. So, we're walking into your office, and your living room, bedroom & (hopefully not) bathroom, wherever you're reading this post, and asking 'Will you help'? And we're hoping that your answer will be the same as ours; 'YES'.

We're hoping to raise $20,000 as a community. A close knit community that believes in supporting each other, lending a hand and helping those who work hard but are doing it tough. Let's show Australia what our community is all about. Donate today by clicking the link below, or walk into any of the participating retailers or centre management office at Settlement City and pop a coin in the donation tins.

Say 'YES'.

Where to find us

Look for the coin donation boxes at participating retailers throughout the centre, and at the Centre Management office.


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